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We’re in a book! Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big

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A snapshot of our Wild Drive Life story and self-built bus conversion design are featured in the new book Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big by digital entrepreneur and really nice nomad, Brent Heavener.

Brent curates the inspirational design account on Insta @tinyhouse which we follow. It’s less over-glamorization of tiny living, more incredible design inspiration. He lives in South America, has a passion for helping others, manages a cattle ranch and so much more. Social media, for all its flaws, creates opportunities for connections and collaborations with others on a global scale, which we love and truly appreciate.

Tiny House: Live Small Dream Big

Brent reached out to us about the Tiny House: Live Small Dream Big project on Instagram last summer. We were excited to contribute. We’re among some truly incredible and innovative personal takes on HOME and PLACE. The individual and collective talents on these pages are so inspiring! The landscapes, design skill and bold lifestyle moves are humbling to say the least. Each page features photos and short descriptions of the stories behind each home. There are cabins, treehouses, shipping container homes, tinys and more.

That’s our Bus!

To flip through and see our FIRST (so imperfect in all the ways possible) BUILD, our diy blue beast is a pretty cool thing. We almost sold our bus, our first and only home at the current moment, this summer. I’m still not sure why. In the end, we couldn’t do it.

As I look at the picture featured in this book, I replay the string of tiny moments, everything it took to build the experience before and after the photo was taken. The “hmmm… what are they doing?” kind of path we deliberately chose without hesitation. Imperfect and wild and winding, but entirely ours. Sometimes you start something without knowing what it will look like in six months, a year, three years, but, you just KNOW you’re heading in the right direction.

The book is officially on sale now in hardcover and Kindle editions on Amazon here.

I also love the matte paper and matte hardcover design that was chosen for this book. Our blog contains affiliate links that earn us a small commission at no additional cost to you whatsoever, it just keeps us writing and sharing as we move ahead in this adventure.

Follow us @wilddrivelife as we FINALLY “break ground” (haha) on our space van conversion this fall!

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