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Our bus conversion tiny home project is only a piece of The Wild Drive Life…



We all have our own reasons for writing the stories that we do in life. Ours started with a desire to pay off our student loan debt as quickly as possible and things evolved from there.


When Ben & I got married in 2013 we had over $100,000 in student loan and vehicle debt with no safety net, really.

We felt the pressure to follow those “expected” steps of post-marriage adulthood but just couldn’t wrap our heads around it all.

We wanted to create something of our own, hike, travel and LIVE on our terms but knew that wasn’t possible to sustain comfortably with the weight of interest, monthly payments, and debtors.


So, we made a choice.


We took an inventory of our lifestyle, modified areas within our control and started to see progress happen.

We made a commitment to being debt free & creative about what our lives involved and felt like on a day to day basis. We’ve learned so much about ourselves in the process.  Check out our free Lifestyle Finance Guide for more details on our process!

Cut to now… we purchased & built this bus home ourselves over two years, very part time. We have this fire inside us to share, this experience behind us, and we want to help others with the message.

We’ve traveled over 16,000 miles this year through +32 states since leaving Maine in January 2018. We won’t always live in a bus and travel, we know that, but 

Our message is about designing a life that YOU love living. Choose & make it happen. No one else will do it for you…









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