The Dwarf 4kw Small Wood Stove


We LOVE our Dwarf 4kw wood stove from – it’s kept us warm and cozy through a New Hampshire winter and you can’t beat the ambience it creates in our converted bus house on wheels. We have it placed in the middle of our living space and are very happy with our experience so far!


The Dwarf is an efficient, compact, fully featured stove that is a perfect addition to small, non-residential, spaces less than 500sq’ like: RV’s, travel trailers, boats, hunting cabins, yurts and tiny houses on wheels.


  • Cast Door & Firebox for Durability & Heat Retention
  • Large Window for Monitoring & Enjoying the Fire
  • Top or Rear Flue Exit & Top Cooking Surface
  • Riddling Grate & Ash Pan for Easy Cleanup
  • Full Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Air-Control
  • Add-on features: Tall Legs, Wood Storage Stand & Direct-Air
  • Future Features: Baking Oven & Water Tank
  • Enameled Doors: Special order only. Contact us for details.

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