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Wild Drive Life Featured on Tiny Home Tours

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Our Wild Drive Life bus, a.k.a. “Kevin” was featured on the Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel!

Chris from Chris & G Travels recently reached out to us on Instagram to schedule a video tour and interview with us for his YouTube channel, Tiny House Tours. Our timing & location were perfect since we were both in southern Arizona that week. We were really excited! Chris is AMAZING at what he produces and shares on these channels. YouTube goals!



It’s always comforting and motivating to meet people who have an exciting vision for life that they’re making into a reality. Surround yourself with inspiring people, right? Chris is currently building a solid mobile lifestyle for his family and a skoolie bus conversion as well!

We had the interview about two weeks into our FIRST cross country trip with the bus. We were parked on a beautiful (and FREE!) desert spot on Palm Canyon Road south of Quartzsite, Arizona: one of several incredible BLM land camping spots we found during our five weeks on the road. Wide open spaces, our favorite! We’ll write more on HOW we found these places and where soon.

There’s SO MUCH to learn from the people and personalities you meet in person and online. Social media has it’s faults and trolls, sure, but it connects us with others from all over the world. There’s a lot of positivity and community out there sharing information, motivation and experiences. We’ve received some of the BEST how-to referrals, ideas, app suggestions and more from reaching out candidly to other mobile lifers on Instagram and Facebook. We may had never met Chris had it not been for the fabulous world of Instagram.

This interview experience was a step outside of our comfort zone; something completely new and challenging. It’s a little scary to put yourself out there to a large audience. It just is! We’re hard on ourselves about loose ends and unfinished projects, it’s in our nature, but, c’est la vie. All you can do is your best.

Perspective is key, too. Sometimes I like to pause for a second and remember where we started in 2016 (also the $45,000 in remaining debt at the time, not pictured here…). 🙂



Ahh, right. Dreams aren’t built in a day and perfect doesn’t exist.

SO we’re not 100% done but our bus is warm, comfortable and runs like a dream. It makes us feel like we’re home no matter where we travel. Whether in a field of Joshua trees in the Mohave or a random rest stop in the middle of Texas, we’re home. We’re debt free and mobile. Just a few simple truths we’re grateful for every day.



We’re really glad we said “YES” to the opportunity and challenge and hope you enjoy it!


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